Week 5: Never give up!

Our adoption story: Meet Akos 


After a failed domestic adoption, we got back into the domestic adoption system in hopes that a birth mom would chose us for her baby.  After months of not being picked,  Mark really felt that if God wanted us to adopt, He would put this little one 'in our laps'.  Not knowing how this would happen as we ended our contract with the adoption agency, we decided to wait and pray. 


Within a month (December 2012), a friend from church showed Shauna a picture on her phone of a little girl in Ghana who needed a home and was wondering if we would be interested.  We talked to a lady about the little girl's situation.   She has special needs, and is in need of help that the doctors here in the USA can offer.   We talked about it with our family, prayed about it, and decided to bring her home.  This was going to be a private adoption, which we were thankful for, as we wouldn't incur the country costs, etc.   We updated our home study, and were excited about getting this little girl home.  In April 2013, we learned that Ghana was closed to all adoptions, including private ones.  We wondered if this meant a closed door.  As we continued to pray for God's will to be done, we learned that Bethany Christian Services was an agency that Ghana was willing to work with, and because we already had a connection with this little girl, the adoption could happen even though Ghana was 'closed'.   In February 2014, we finally got the official referral from Bethany.    In July, we traveled to Ghana for court.  We spent 2 1/2 days with Akos, and legally, she became our daughter.   We are still waiting for approval to go back to Ghana to get her.   God continues to give us peace, as she is still in Ghana.  It is very apparent that she needs help from the doctors, but we are thankful to learn that her condition is not worsening.   We are looking forward to the day that she is home and we can get her the help that she needs, in hopes that she will be able to live to her full potential.

-Mark and Shauna Wetters


Akos when first brought to HOMe (Left Image),  Akos with her parents today (Right Image)


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