Week 4: The Miracle of dj

The Story of DJ Berkley

     It was December 13, 2012 that I (Debbie) first saw DJ’s picture and got a brief summary of his situation. I was told that DJ, at that time called Danny, (which is also my husband’s name) had Cerebral Palsy and had been waiting for his forever family for about a year. DJ was a special needs little boy that was approx. 3-4 years old that had been abandoned at an open-air market in Ghana, was taken to the police hospital, and then placed with the caregivers at House of Mercy (HOMe).  A facebook friend on a Ghana’s Waiting Children’s site had posted his information and my heart melted the first time I saw him. I enquired about him right away and my fb friend put me in touch with Brian and Debbie McIntyre who are the missionaries in Ghana who became our contact persons concerning DJ’s adoption.

     DJ’s adoption is nothing less than a miracle. We had several obstacles to overcome in which we saw the hand of God in each and every one. For example: We have a large family and when others said that we would never be given the referral, the McIntyres would not give up. We saw hearts changed, and God gave us favor with the authorities in Ghana. The McIntyres took it upon themselves to handle our case personally and would not be deterred even when the hospital had lost documents and things got tough. They showed courage and determination as they sought God’s strength and wisdom every step of the way.

     I can never thank the McIntyres enough for all they have done to bring us together with our precious son. Even though they have had their own struggles with personal loss and health issues, I never saw them waver in their commitment to their Lord and to these precious children. They are truly God’s hands and feet in His service “…to the least of these..” Matt. 25:40.  Every step that was taken was bathed in prayer and we saw God do the “impossible” and our faith has grown during this incredible journey

     Through God’s guidance and His divine plan, we were able to bring DJ home on September 10, 2014. We are so honored to be able to call him our son. DJ now has a mommy and daddy that love him so much and 22 brothers and sisters that simply adore him along with Grandmas, Grandpas, and aunts and uncles. He also has a physical therapist that is helping us with his physical needs. He is also learning about the love of God at home and as he attends Sunday School. He experiences much love and acceptance from our church family.

     I also want to extend our thank you to Wm and Priscilla Deku (the house parents at HOMe) who went above and beyond human comprehension to extend their love and compassion for our precious son. And also for their devotion to these precious children that they pour their hearts into knowing that they will have to kiss them goodbye some day. Thank you to WAMM ministries for accepting our application and for their prayers and devotion to children that just need someone to give them a chance. May our God richly bless you all as you follow His desire to give these children a Hope and a Future.

With much Joy,

Danny and Debbie Berkley and family


  Danny(DJ) when first at HOMe (Top Left), DJ when first coming home (Second from Left), DJ and his new wheelchair (Third from Left), Sibling gets DJ to laugh (Top Right), DJ getting a kiss from Sis (Bottom Left), DJ asleep at his welcome home party! (Bottom Right)  


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