Week 2: What a Smile!

Emily Plaggemeyer

Once upon a time, in the heart of a mother, God placed the desire (well, let’s be honest…an ache) to love and care for children who do not have someone to love and care for them.  Along with that desire, God also brought this mom into connection with WAMM’s orphan ministry. As the connection with WAMM grew, so did her ache to be a more present and daily part of loving and caring for these children. She ached with the desire to adopt one of these children, but this desire (no matter how much she pushed and pleaded) was not shared by her husband. He was, however, willing to go and see the ministry in Ghana and see what other ways they could possibly be of help to these children without actually bringing one (or several) of them into their home. So this mom and dad boarded a plane with lots of hope that God would make it obvious to them how they could partner with WAMM in helping the children that came within their reach.

About a month before this couple stepped off the plane in Ghana, God placed a beautiful, sad 2 year old girl into HOMe's care. She was a sweet little thing. She was very malnourished,  extremely weak, and wasn't even able to walk. She spent the majority of her days and sometimes nights screaming. She was given the name Emily by the founders and directors of WAMM, Brian & Debbie McIntyre, and was loved and cared for as one of their own. By the time the before mentioned mom and dad arrived in Ghana, Emily’s personality was already beginning to shine. This is a testimony to what love and nurture will do for a child. She was becoming a giggly, playful, extremely fun, sometimes feisty, little princess.

Dad did not see it coming. Though mom didn’t either. To be honest, neither of them did. Within five minutes of stepping foot inside the doors of HOMe, Emily had already made her way into this dad’s heart. Not that either of them really knew what that meant.  It was just obvious dad had made a connection with this little girl. Leaving Ghana after their time spent visiting the ministry, dad couldn’t seem to get Emily out of his head. After a month, he finally said the words that mom had been waiting and waiting and waiting to hear, “Go ahead and start the paperwork, I’m ready to bring one of those children into our home”. And so began the work to make Emily a part of the Plaggemeyer family.  

Dad and mom chose to keep the name Emily, as it has special meaning to both mother and child, and added the middle name Adanna. Adanna is an African name meaning “father's daughter”, given to her both after her Father in heaven as well her father here on earth. Our God is sure something. It is His heart to make these children a part of a family. And, though I trust that Emily is blessed because of this, mom and dad are truly the blessed ones. No doubt continuing on to living happily ever after.  

They say hindsight is 20/20. Once something is behind us, it is a lot clearer to see what would be the best in a given situation. I cannot lie, there was begging and pleading by me, to convince Joe to get on board with the whole adoption thing. But the journey in making Emily part of our family has taught me several things. First, that God works all things out in His timing. If we would simply choose to obey Him by praying and waiting, instead of begging and pleading, we can trust there will be blessings. I have no doubt, (NOW😊)   that God was working in Joe’s heart all along. He just needed it to be his choice, not simply because his wife wanted him to. 

Second, the process allowed me to understand how we are each, as followers of Jesus Christ, CHOSEN by God to be a part of His family, to be blessed and taken care of by Him. Yes, I knew this in my head, but now it is in my heart. Our adoption of Emmie is a reminder of how God adopts us into His family through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. I have been given a chance to feel what He really means when He says this.

The third lesson is, as Psalm 68:6 says “He places the lonely in families”. He does this, NOT us. He does it! But, He includes us in the process. And I don’t just mean us as in mom and dad. I mean us as in all of us/all of you. The yes’s from McIntyre’s to move their family to Ghana. The yes’s from those in WAMM's family who have contributed through financing and praying for WAMM's ministry. They yes’s from Deku’s to become house-parents to these orphaned children. The yes’s from bed sponsors who made it possible for kids to even be taken into care. Emily would not be a part of our family if it were not for many, many, many of you who gave of yourself to serve our Lord through this ministry. 

Where does one begin to say thank you for this. Not only for the gift that Emily is to us, but also for being given the opportunity to experience God in this way. 

Thank you. 


Emily when first brought to HOMe,(Left Image) Emily Meeting her Daddy for the first time,  (Middle Image) And "Emmie" today (Right Image)   


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