Week 1: Meet Ben

Ben Adam Hollis (AKA Evans Fifie Kwao)

We don’t know much about Ben before the Accra Police took custody of him from a woman who found him malnourished and abandoned on her doorstep on the morning of October 1st, 2010. At the time he appeared to be roughly 2 years old and, while he may have had a loving family at one point in his life, was not being cared for to the extent of physical and psychological abuse through gradual starvation. The Ghana police, who are not equipped to care for abandoned children, deferred Ben to the Ghana Department of Social Welfare (DSW). DSW, recognizing that Ben was an at-risk child given his weak condition, then elected to place Ben in the care of the West African Mercy Ministries (WAMM). Ben stayed with WAMM until December of the same year, during which time Ben was provided with the best possible care for a child in his condition.

In December of 2010, we, Dave Hollis & Renae Adam, had been living and working in Ghana since 2003 and were invited to see WAMMs facilities in the Accra community of Adenta. It was here that we met Ben as well as several other children at the facility. It was here that we fell in love with Ben and requested to fill the role of Bens adoptive parents.

Since Ben has been living with us, he has really blossomed from being quiet, leery and reserved into a happy and confident child. It was through the timely and qualified intervention of WAMM in Bens life that he now has a loving family and bright future.


Ben when first brought to HOMe,(Left image) and Ben today (Right three images)   


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